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Take your game to the next level

Duncan Smith is a Class A PGA teaching Professional, played College golf and has given thousands of golf lessons to all ages and abilities for more than 10 years.

Benefits of Duncan's golf lessons in Fort Lauderdale:

  • Expert golf instruction at a superb location
  • Private golf classes
  • Affordable golf lessons (private, groups, kids)
  • Highly experienced teacher
  • Quickly improve technique and skill levels
  • Video and advanced coaching techniques 

See Duncan's tips on how to hit a better drive below.



'Great lesson Duncan, I hit some great shots of the course later, Then I shot a 72 with 5 birdies, really good driving, thanks a lot!'

Dell from Chicago

'Duncan has been the best instructor to fine tune my game. He only fixes what needs to be fixed in the most understandable way I have ever experienced. He points out what is wrong, shows me what to do, and I am able to execute. Not like that with other instructors... Thank you Duncan for so many improvements...My putting, my chipping, and my woods and irons... we all need a coach like Duncan!'

- Alix Landman, RD Plantation


Duncan Smith


4600 Woodlands Boulevard
Tamarac, FL, 33319, USA
T 954-731-2500
4600 Woodlands Boulevard Tamarac, FL, 33319, USA T 954-731-2500